sexta-feira, 10 de abril de 2009

Five recommendations for lazy language learners

Five recommendations for lazy language learners, (which I think refers to most people.)

1) Spend most of your time listening, while doing other tasks. Listen over and over to a limited amount of content at first. Gradually, as you get better, listen fewer times to the same content, and move on to more varied content. Try to listen to content you find interesting, and where you like the voice of the narrator.
2) Read what you are listening to in order to "mine" it for words and phrases. Review these words and phrases regularly, without expecting to learn or remember them. Just try to notice them in your listening and reading.
3) Get the smallest grammar book you can find that explains the language in your own language. Read through it from time to time, skimming, without expecting to understand or remember any of it. Eventually it will make more and more sense to you.
4) Never force yourself to speak. Speak when you want to, when you are ready to try out what you have learned. When you are with native speakers, relax, speak a little and listen a lot.
5) Do not worry about what you do not understand, nor about what you forget, nor about what you are unable to do in the language - ever!


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